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Shouguang Yilong Food Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012 May, is a collection of planting base, processing, storage, sale as one of the import and export enterprises. The company is registered as a limited liability company, is located in the famous national vegetables - Shouguang, convenient transportation, has a wealth of production resources. The company has vegetable planting base of 3000 mu, fruit planting base of 5000 mu, the product best-selling domestic and foreign markets with high quality, stable quality. The main processing, storage, sales of frozen vegetables, frozen fruits and other countries allowed within the scope of goods and technology import and export business.
The company passed the HACCP, KOSHER, BRC, ISO22000 quality system and CERES certification of organic food, processing, refrigeration equipment and the introduction of domestic and international the most advanced, the use of scientific management methods, from planting to processing of each process are strictly controlled to ensure product quality, in line with international standards, domestic.
The company is equipped with perfect cultivation technology management system. Base management to start from the source, to detect the base soil and water quality, the choice of seeds used for detection, fertilizers and pesticides composition. The process of planting, field management of each link, material storage and harvest, to implement and record. On the base the product according to the plots and batch of pesticide residue sampling detection, ensure the detection of pesticide residues in the fully qualified products to enter the circulation. The base of the company to install monitoring equipment, various farming operation monitoring, do have according to, historical review, to ensure that the products through strict hygiene standards, exported to Europe and the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions. The company spirit of "quality, quality stability, truth-seeking, innovative", and constantly enhance the market competitiveness, further expand the size of the company.
All the time, we adhere to the trading partners of mutual benefit and trust, honest relationship for a long time, but also believe that the successful business philosophy will enter to continue. We are willing with trading partners around the world to seek any cooperation opportunities in the same field. Thus, the two sides to each in his element, common to the goal. Yilong food has been committed to provide quality products and excellent service, we hold in the industry's competitiveness can make customers access to high quality and the service as one wishes.
In the future, we will  always with a thankful heart, to achieve a big industry, the benefit to the people a sense of historical responsibility and sense of mission, and constantly improve the internal management of enterprises, the production of natural, nutrition, health food for oneself, for every customer, every consumer to provide excellence service, and strive to make more contributions to the realization of enterprise efficiency.
The company has always adhered to the "honest management, practical work, discipline, competition and innovation" business principles, the product qualified rate 100% efficiency to meet customer service.
"A hard, a harvest". Shouguang Yilong food limited company all staff warmly welcome friends at home and abroad to invest in business negotiations, and sincerely with you to establish long-term stable cooperative relations.




The main processing, storage, sales of frozen vegetables, frozen fruits and other countries allowed within 





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